Monday, June 7, 2010

Where's the Sun Gone?

Can you guess what this June Monday brought us here in western Montana? (Hint: check out the photo.) Did you figure it out? I bet you did, since my readers are the smartest cookies in Cookie Jar Land. Yep, it hailed this afternoon! While I enjoy a spot of tempestuous weather (and today's weather certainly was, as the hail was quickly followed by a spat of thunder), I can't help but wonder -- where's summer? And what happened to spring? We were blessed with some sweet spring-ish temperatures back in March, but now while other bloggers are Tweeting about how warm and sunny it is in their areas, here in Montana we remain wet and chilly. The view from the front door was a bit dismal, as was the back porch view:

But although the weather is decidedly Monday-ish (not to mention chilly), the unseasonal weather isn't all bad. Provided that summer actually arrives, it's sure to be much less smokey with all this dampness to prevent forest and brush fires. Plus, a gray day outside means a good day to have indoor fun, like write, hoop (yes, I finally hooped for the first time in ages!), do laundry (dubious but productive fun), nap, read, and hang out with the World's Silliest Pups.

What's more, the stars aligned and I somehow managed to snap three quality nose shots, which are the elusive holy grail of dog photography (at least, they are for me). These pictures are also among the most dopey that I have ever taken of our pack. Check 'em out:

On that note, happy Monday! I hope that your day is less damp but no less silly and as full of life-alicious fun as mine.

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  1. Oh my gosh I saw this post this morning when I was checking blogs on the iPod and LOVED IT! Such a happy start to my day! Those are 3 terrific shots, I can't even pick a favorite!

  2. Ohhhmannn...what's cuter than that??

  3. Your dogs are absolutely adorable ... great pics!!!


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