Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday Finds

Before I get into the fabulous and interesting health- and food-related reads I have been enjoying thanks to Google, I wanted to add a note on yesterday's Inspiration post. Yesterday, in addition to hooping up a storm, writing, and then enjoying the of hoopers and writers who have arrived, I also watched Coco Before Chanel. This is partly what prompted me to write about art and inspiration because this French film was absolutely beautiful to experience. It was visually gorgeous, and I thought the story of fashion designer Coco Chanel's life when she was simply Gabrielle was well-told. Also, watching a movie spoken in a different language is always refreshing and fun, especially if that language is French. What's more, the movie stars Audrey Tautou. All that to say . . . this movie is a work of art (at least, I think so).

Okay, enough gushing. I keep coming across some interesting internet reads (and, in some cases, watches, if that's a word in this context), so I wanted to share my favorites with you.
This last link is not at all related to anything food blogger-ish . . . but I couldn't resist sharing this link from author Meg Cabot. It's just too much fun.
Don't forget that Father's Day is next Sunday, June 20 (really, I haven't mucked up the dates this time). In honor of dads, Love Street Living Foods is offering a discount on special father-friendly items like blenders that rival the almighty Vita-Mix. Their regular promotion is still on as well, so click on the banner below to take advantage of these opportunities.

Happy Friday!


  1. yogiclarebear.comJune 11, 2010 at 8:29 PM

    hi beth,thanks for the links! i skimmed through the "creative habits" article at zen and found myself nodding enthusiastically to both habits! thanks for posting.

  2. Great links!I absolutely adore Audrey Tautau and I must watch that movie. I have also been meaning to brush up on my French, and movies are how I do that ;)


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