Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Guilt-Free Pleasures, Take Two

I have a confession to make: I am a nerd. More to the point, I'm a gaming nerd. Not hard core like the folks who compete in professional Halo tournaments, but nerdy enough to have gained employment at a GameStop video game store and to enjoy my WiiFit far more than is appropriate. Also, since I first discovered them, I have had a sweet tooth for online games in which you can interact with other players around the planet.

After quite a long break, I've returned to the joystick. (Well, not really, as joysticks are old school, thoroughly outdated. But you know what I mean.) This weekend I took advantage of World of Warcraft's free trial, and found myself immersed in the computer game. Now, perhaps spending hours of a gorgeously sunny Sunday does not sound like something to brag about. I agree, but I'm not bragging about the gaming. Instead, I'm proud of the fact that I allowed myself the "guilty" pleasure of playing a game. Not since before my eating disorder took hold have I allowed myself to be still and fully enjoy such a luxury. If I obeyed my compulsions, I would have been at the gym scoring an extra workout, or out hiking a mountain. That is a victory for me, and so I wanted to share the latest addition to my list of not-so-guilty pleasures.

When I last wrote about some things that I enjoy whose indulgence would induce some guilt if I let it, I asked what your not-so-guilty pleasures are. I liked them so much (not to mention that I share more than a few, such as watching America's Next Top Model) that I decided to share a few of the responses. Interestingly, these little indulgences fell into two categories: food and entertainment. Does that say something about the nature of humans and comfort? I'm not sure . . . but here are your responses nonetheless!
  • chocolate! (no surprises there . . . it's hard to find a person who can write off all forms of the stuff
  • young adult books
  • "exorbitant amounts of coffee" (I agree completely!)
  • Sex and the City + popcorn
  • reality TV marathons
  • "spending way too much time on YouTube"
  • blog reading (!)
As Lisa wrote, "Life's too short to always be serious!!" You all know how to have a guilt-free good time. I had so much fun reading your comments! Thank you for posting them. I always read every comment posted to Kitchen Courage, and each gives me such a lift. Thank you!

Do you have anything new to add to the list of fluffy (but important) pleasures? And if you play WoW or Guilt -- er, Guild Wars and want to team up, let me know! We can get our nerd on together.

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  1. yogiclarebear.comJune 15, 2010 at 9:07 AM

    Gaming nerds rock! I totally used to be one. If I had the time...Nathan and I used to play this one called "City of Heros." If WOW ever gets dull, which I'm sure it won't you should check it out.Also, I was a HUGE Sims fan. I loved everything about it- the people design, the houses, the careers. But after like version 4 or something it just got to complicated and it stressed me out having to make towns and stores and it was boggy on my machines so I gave up. Plus I got ED so that consumed my time anyways, sigh. That's the real reason.Anyways, I might have to find my old 2001 SimCity Disc and see if it still works.Too cool!

  2. Hoop time, Hoop City, YouTube hooping videos, playing with my hoop at the office - did I mention hoop time? :DUsed to be a Zelda junkie over a decade ago, but I got too hooked on it and needed to stop. Thank goodness getting hooked on hoops is actually healthy...


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