Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday Finds #2

I read a lot, and unfortunately a lot of that material is on the internet. I say "unfortunately" not because web-based writing is bad (it's not), but because I often read it while procrastinating my own writing. There is a silver lining, however -- in addition to expanding both my knowledge and my enjoyment of web content, I get to share my favorite discoveries with you.

In fact, I liked spreading the web writing love via my last Friday Finds post that I decided to make it a regular (or at least semi-regular -- you know how it is) event on Kitchen Courage. Check out some of my favorite web reads from the past fortnight. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did, but with less procrastination.
  • "I AM is Sufficient :: This powerful reminder from the blog God is Doing a New Thing has also been the theme of my last few weeks as I realize that perhaps God isn't offering me answers to my many questions, but is instead offering so much more -- Himself.
  • Word by Word :: What's writing like? Find out in this fab post from How Now to Write.
  • Making the Touch Choices :: One of my favorite yoga teachers, Sadie Nardini, has stopped teaching her public classes in NYC! While this discovery surprised me, Sadie has some good things to share about her decision.
  • Feminism, Body Image, and Yoga :: While this Elephant Journal post is chock-full of good stuff, it's the Rockwell painting at the top of the page that caught my eye. My parents have a print of it hanging in their house and I grew up looking at it, fascinated by the sadness I perceived in the little girl's expression. What do you see?
  • SketchCrawl :: This drawing marathon is inspirational, fun-sounding, and evocative of my preferred form of artistic masochism, NaNoWriMo.
  • BP Spills Coffee :: Yep, I laughed at this video spoof of the horrible oil spill, but it was a guilty kind of laughter. This little movie is as uncomfortably true as it is funny.
  • Woman's Day blogging opportunity :: If you're using a food blog in an effort to lose weight, or are thinking about starting one, this is an opportunity for you to be famous! Well, maybe not . . . but Woman's Day magazine is looking for women to use a certain diet plan and then regularly blog about it. Check the link for details, but hurry because they want the blogging to commence in August.
  • 50 Best Blogs for Cleaner Eating :: In case you missed it on Wednesday, Kitchen Courage has been chosen as one of's top blogs for clean eating!
  • April's Protein Cakes :: Because there should sometimes be food on a food blog, here's a healthy chocolate "cake" recipe from Foods of April. I need to get my hands on some cocoa powder and pumpkin so I can make this!
Also, Teavana is offering free shipping on all orders through July 5! If you click on the banner below, you'll be supporting Kitchen Courage (I get a smidgen of a commission for clicks/sales) as well as treating yourself to some wonderful teas. Happy Friday!

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  1. yogiclarebear.comJune 26, 2010 at 3:55 PM

    LOVE norman rockwell, always have. and recently discovered that i LOVE those protein cakes! i made it twice this week, chocolate with some blueberries! LOVE you too beth.


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