Saturday, June 12, 2010

Husband Yoga

The Best Husband Ever is a cyclist. A mountain biker, to be more specific. Before his knees began to give him trouble, he was a runner. He still tries to run, searching for a pain-free method. One of his most recent experiments is barefoot running, which has helped him find some success.

However, with both his biking and running, the Best Husband Ever often finds himself laid up with random pain after a workout, however brief or gentle. I chipped in my two cents, suggesting that he work on strengthening the muscles specifically used in biking and running. Over the course of our nearly three year marriage, I've presented him with the option of yoga. offers downloadable audio classes focused on the needs of both cyclists and runners, as does Polly of Yoga is Yummy. The Best Husband Ever, however, always dodged the proffered yoga mat.

Until today. This morning, after I finished my own workout, the Best Husband Ever approached me.

"So," he said, "how about that yoga on bikes?"

"Huh?" I replied, sweaty and confused.

He explained -- he wanted to do yoga. I think my mouth only dangled open in amazement for a moment before I guided him to Polly's site while I searched for my downloaded copy of Yoga for Cyclists from Together, we stretched through the latter class, which was ten minutes long, and then he went downstairs to tackle some of Polly's videos, specifically Yoga For Newbies, on his own. Here we are, yoga-ing it up:

Okay, maybe that's not quite an accurate representation of our brief session of couples yoga. But I felt so happy that the Best Husband Ever was willing to give yoga a shot! Although I never nagged him about it, I did want him to give it a try. Even if he never does yoga again after this, I'm gratified that he was willing to take me up on my suggestion.

And that's not all, folks. After he yoga-ed for a bit, he came back upstairs.

"So, do you have anything a little more . . . active?" he asked. I smiled. He'd come to the right person, as I hoard fitness DVDs like they're going out of style. Back downstairs, I recommended Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred or some Tae-Bo. He went with the Shred. Later the Best Husband Ever admitted that he wasn't too taken with Jillian's interval workout, but again -- I'm glad that he tried. What's more than that, he took me up on my advice. How's that for a cool Saturday marriage/fitness achievement?

What fitness-related (or trying-new-things-related) achievements are you proud of in your close friends/family/significant others?

Note: I accidentally published this post before I finished writing it. Sorry for any confusion this may have caused! This post is now officially finished.

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  1. I'm really proud of Himself (a cyclist and runner) for just learning to stretch properly and eventually committing to a yoga practice.... I mean he does live with a yoga teacher but.... ;)

  2. try not to rub in what a great catch you have :)Katherine


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