Saturday, March 7, 2009

Sweet Treat Scrabble Saturday

I went back to my roots for today's treat day. My goodies consisted of a blueberry muffin and an Americano coffee. We all know how much I love muffins, and today I realized that not only have I not eaten a muffin in quite some time, but that I was also craving one. And not just any muffin would do. No, I wanted to go back to basics, back the classics, and get a fluffy, fruity blueberry muffin. Did I make a good choice? You betcha! This muffin was light, moist, firm around the top edges, and packed with berries. Yum!

The Best Husband Ever got his usual, a caramel roll, as well as a huckleberry tea. Then we settled in to enjoy our treats over a game of Scrabble. This time I won (unlike the hubby's searing victory last weekend!) but he kept me on my toes the entire match. The barista said that she and her husband used to have a similar Saturday morning Scrabble tradition, only they didn't keep score. That's definitely something to keep in mind as I can get pretty volatile and competitive over something that's supposed to be fun and relationship-building.

Do you have any traditions like a treat day or a family game night? And of course traditions don't have to be food-related, like our sweet treat Saturday. Do tell!

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