Sunday, March 29, 2009

I'm Dreaming of a White Spring Break

It's spring break! That means one week off of work, complete with extra reading time during the day, the freedom to get outside with my dogs, and to enjoy the beautiful spring weather. Now, if only we had some beautiful spring weather. . . . That's right, folks. This weekend saw my Montana hometown hit with chilly rain, then a blustering snow storm.

The rain didn't stop the Best Husband Ever and I, though. We started off the weekend with a treat day at Bernice's, nibbling our goodies over a game of Scrabble. It was a very close game, and I only emerged victorious by a handful of points. He keeps me on my toes!

After lunch, we decided to hit the home and garden show at our local university. Since we are just about to become first-time home owners, we thought it would be fun. We did see some interesting solar water heating gadgets, and we were also marketed some very sketchy "I.Q.-enhancing" electrolyte drinks. I'm not sure what that has to do with homes or gardens.

After visiting the show, we decided to visit my in-laws. Did I mention that it was raining out? Further, did I mention that we biked to the home and garden show? Or that the Best Husband Ever's folks live quite the distance from the university? Or that I didn't have adequate rain pants for attempting such an activity? Regardless, we biked over to his parents' house. Unfortunately, I was so saturated with rain by the time we got there that I didn't have the heart to go in and visit. I knew that if I stopped biking, I would never be able to go back into the rain and bike home, so we just turned around and headed back. (We later visited by car.)

After our wet ride, we took some very hot showers and did the only thing that seemed right -- treating ourselves to a dinner at HuHot Mongolian Grill. HuHot is a restaurant where you put together your own bowls of stir-fry which the chefs then cook right in front of you on a massive grill. It's quite fun, and we enjoy putting together different flavors with the sauces. The Best Husband Ever always tries to put together something extremely spicy, and never feels that he meets his goal. Until this weekend, that is. This time around, he happily stated that his mouth was on fire the entire time. I didn't go for something spicy, but instead for a heaping plate of hot, garlicky veggies with some salmon, noodles, and -- my favorite! -- mango. It was delicious, and perfect after a freezing, drippy bike ride.

Hopefully the weather will improve for my week off. I'm not hopeful, though. Yesterday it snowed the entire day, and more snow is forecasted. Ah, well. I suppose a chilly, snowy hike is better than no hike at all! Besides, a cold hike followed by a Twilight reading session with a steaming mug of tea and a fleecy blanket makes life extra snuggly. Don't you agree?

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