Saturday, March 14, 2009

Saturday Morning Adventures

Today the Best Husband Ever and I hit Bernice's Bakery for our Saturday morning Scrabble rendezvous. He tried a new treat -- a maple danish with cherries on top. So did I -- an almond croissant that was filled with some sort of almond marscapone. It was tasty, and sort of savory but also very sweet. It was a super sweet treat Saturday!

Scrabble was an interesting game. We start out neck-and-neck, but then I pulled ahead. After a couple of high-scoring moves, though, I stayed at 103 points for seven turns in a row while the hubby steadily gained and then pulled ahead. Ouch. Unwilling to give up a bunch of letters that are heavy on points but also difficult to form words with (J -- 8 points; Q -- 10 points; V -- 4 points . . . and so on), I resorted to making up words. Not a great strategy! I managed to make an unlikely comeback, but the results were never certain because we had to abandon our game before it was finished.

Why did we have to leave our Scrabble game? Because we had appointments to go house-shopping! And I do mean shopping for a house, not shopping for stuff to go inside our home. It is a fun and scary endeavor that is fraught with questions, high hopes, visions of future children, and much nail-biting. Any advice on the blogosphere for first time home buyers?

Today we visited one major dud of a house (it was owned by smokers and needs lots of work), one really great option, and one that is a fantastic investment but a bit out of our price range. We also connected with some realtors who are friends of the hubby's family, super nice, and sold out on God, which is a special bonus. It will be interesting-terrifying-exciting to see what develops next in this process. Send good thoughts our way as we wade through this unfamiliar territory!

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  1. Maple danish, you say? Mmmm.


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