Sunday, December 13, 2009

Oh, the Weather Outside is Delightful . . .

. . . delightfully snowy, that is! We are getting quite the accumulation of fluffy, picture-perfect Christmastime snow. So picture perfect, in fact, that I snapped a few shots (which are, in fact, something less than perfect since I took them through the warm buffer of our closed back door). Check out Cody (the big guy who laughs in the face of all weather) and Lio (the guy alternately trundling chest-deep through the snow and standing, shivering, at the door) in the snow this morning:

Of course, the snow would be far less delightful if today was not Sunday. The Best Husband Ever and I usually drive down the hill for church, but we are okay foregoing it due to bad roads. Plus, there's a closer church within walking distance that we can always hit up in a pinch. If it was Monday, however, and we had to contend with getting to work safely, this post might not be so cheery.

But no matter -- it's not Monday, is it? And I bet you a pile of cranberries that the roads leading down off the steep hill that we live on will be a-okay tomorrow. Plus, seeing as this week had several bitterly cold days where the high temperatures did not even reach ten degrees Fahrenheit, this morning's snowfall is a blessed and beautiful change.

After the outdoor canine bathrooming adventure, Lio and I took advantage of the cozy-factor that fluffy snow always seems to bring by cuddling up together on the couch. I read some 1 John, and he snoozed -- er, kept watch. There may also have been some coffee involved, although not Green Mountain Coffee, I'm afraid. If I had some, though, you can bet that I'd be drinking it. I love morning coffee, especially when I get to share it with God (and a chihuahua), don't you?

Don't you love free coffee even more? Free flavored coffee? I know I do. Why not enter the Green Mountain giveaway and win some? You have until Wednesday, December, 16, to enter. Just leave as many comments on that post as you would like, and I'll announce the randomly chosen winner on Thursday, December 17.

I'm not sure what I plan to do with the rest of today, besides finish my coffee (which is yummy, in spite of not being Green Mountain -- it's hazelnut cinnamon vanilla, or something like that, and quite good). I'd like to try making my first hoop. I've been hooping up a storm lately, attempt to learn shoulder hooping, and I've got the bruises to prove it. Also on today's agenda, I think I might have to show off the Montana girl (gal?) in me and do some snow day hooping . . . outside.

What are your plans? Whatever they are, enjoy. Happy snowy Sunday!

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