Tuesday, December 22, 2009

It's Beginning to Feel a Lot Like Christmas

I received my first Christmas present in the mail this weekend! (Well, almost the first -- does it count that the Best Husband Ever and I got each other the same thing, discovered when I "hid" mine in a place where he'd find it before Christmas? Oops. Amazon, you'll be hearing from me on a return very shortly . . .)

Christmas coincidences aside, I was so excited to find a box from Clare sitting on my kitchen table Friday afternoon. If you haven't visited her blog, you must. This woman is amazing. In her I've found a kindred blogging spirit. I find that she writes about similar struggles to my own as we both wage our battles against the lies of eating disorders. What's more, we are both clawing our way toward freedom, sanity, and balance through the grace of Jesus. I think Clare is great, and I bet you will, too.

My opinion of this yoga-ing chick grew exponentially as I eagerly dug into the package she sent my way as part of her positivity movement. Inside, I found all sorts of goodies that are unique to Clare's Minnesota home. Some of my favorite items were the mittens handmade by folks with disabilities (so warm and cozy!), a jar of Clare's homemade applesauce, seasoning that I used to flavor my carrot fries at dinnertime (yum), and Knudsen's Caramels.

Oops. One of the caramels seems to have mysteriously disappeared post-photo shoot. Disappeared . . . into my belly! Mwahahaha . . . and yum. Yum I say!

Thank you, Clare! Not only does your blog encourage me, especially when ED has got me down, but your box was so generous and thoughtful. In honor of your generosity, I have a hooping session that I'd like to dedicate to you! A short while back, Clare suggested that I hoop to Jamiroquai's Cool Heat. So Clare . . . this one's for you!

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