Friday, December 4, 2009

Going Green

Yesterday morning I had some lovely overnight oats in a jar for breakfast. It's a delicious and healthy time-saving kind of meal that I can stuff in my bag on my way out the door, and then the contents of into my belly at work.

But wait! There seems to be something wrong with my oats! Have they gone rancid? Why is there sludge in my jar instead of almond butter-y oats?

Not to worry, lovely readers, I'm just pulling your collective legs. That's not oats in a jar -- that's a green monster in an earth-friendly container! Our city does not recycle glass, so any glass containers usually get tossed in the trash. I've gotten in the habit of saving my favorite sizes and shapes of glass jars that once held anything from almond butter (this is a Costco-sized jar, as you might imagine) to jams or jellies to salsa. I reuse them to store batches of hummus or other blended creations that I make. This jar in particular is, as you can see, quite large, which makes it the ideal vessel for a fluffy green smoothie.

And this green monster was definitely quite foamy! I blended skim milk, Jay Robb vanilla protein powder, spinach, and ice. I did not expect the milk to froth like it did, but I enjoyed the result. This is one hit the spot in terms of both flavor and fullness. I downed it with relish.

And some slurps. Naturally.

p.s. My mom crocheted that scarf for me. Isn't it lovely? My fifth grade students always compliment it and others that she's made.

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  1. Good for you in recycling your jars. Green smoothies are so awesome. They're a staple in our household. Such a fantastic and easy way to get lots of nutrition in your diet. :) Tomorrow I'm making one with kale, cucumber, and banana. :)Cheers,Kristen


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