Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Giveway: Green Mountain Coffee Sampler!

Do you drink coffee? You know I do. I drink one to two cups of the stuff every morning, and then I limit myself to herbal teas for hot drinks the rest of the day. Drip, espresso, lattes, black, sweetened, with creamer, cold -- I really can't say much to criticize the types of caffeine I've tasted.

One coffee producer's products stand out above the rest for me, however. Green Mountain Coffee Roasters offers amazing varieties of java, from breakfast blends to flavored dessert coffees. I cannot express how much I enjoy Green Mountain coffee. Last week I tried their wild mountain blueberry K-cup in my Keurig brewer. After adding a bit of skim milk and stevia, I took a sip and was just about blown away by how delicious it tasted. It was so good that I dropped everything to tweet about it!

Because of my increasing infatuation with Green Mountain coffee, I decided to contact the company to see if they would like to share their delish caffeination Kitchen Courage's readers. You are in luck, because they said 'yes'!

So here's the deal, folks. Green Mountain is generously giving away a flavored sampler pack of their coffee to one Kitchen Courage reader. The pack contains three bags of coffee with an auto-drip grind in the flavors of Hazelnut, Rain Forest Nut, and Caramel Vanilla Cream. Here's what the company's website has to say about this coffee triad:
Caramel Vanilla Cream: Savor the sweetness of this luscious dessert coffee offering hints of caramel, butter, and brown sugar. 12 oz. bag.

Fair Trade Rain Forest Nut®: A subtly sweet, delightful coffee with tastes of vanilla, caramel, cashew, and real slices of Brazil nuts. 12 oz. bag.

Hazelnut: A brilliant, lighter roasted coffee enhanced with the sweet, buttery rich taste of hazelnuts. 12 oz. bag.
Want to call the 36 ounces of coffee your own? I would be hard-pressed not to hoard them, but this sampler would make a great (and thrifty) holiday gift. Simply leave a comment on this post telling me your favorite hot drink and your preferred way to enjoy it. For example, if you're a coffee fan, how do you take it? How about tea -- with honey, with milk, or straight up? If hot cocoa is your hot beverage of choice, do you pile on marshmallows, or use a special family recipe?

Deadline is Wednesday, December 16, which means that you have one whole week! Want an extra entry? Twitter (feel free to use this: "Win @GreenMtnCoffee at http://tinyurl.com/ybtawuh ! @betherann") or blog (or MySpace, Facebook, etc.) the giveaway, and earn an extra opportunity each time. Be sure to comment for every additional entry you accrue, along with the link where your plug can be found. I'll randomly select a winner and post about it immediately.

Want free coffee? Get commenting! And in the meantime, why not brew yourself a homemade cup right now and dream about Christmas coffees yet to come? While you're nursing that steaming mug, swing by Chocolate-Covered Katie, because Kitchen Courage is going to be making a cameo appearance there very soon!


  1. I like a nice hot cafe au lait!

  2. I'm a tea drinker...specifically iced tea whenever I go to restaurants but chai when at home or in the winter when really really cold!!

  3. Tweeted again today!

  4. Hot and steamy, snuggled up with a friend in this cooler weather... oh! you did mean the coffee? Happy WW!http://www.gardenersreach.com/post/Wordless-Wednesday-Reindeer-Invasion-in-Florida.aspx

  5. Coffee's definitely my favorite hot drink. Three splenda packets and enough half and half to make it caramel colored is how I take it. :)

  6. Coffee for hoopers. woot! woot

  7. I would love to enter to win some yummy coffee. My email address is sandipro17@gmail.comThanks for the giveaway :)


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