Saturday, December 26, 2009

Keeping Christmas Simple

It's been [sort of] fun reading everyone's blog posts about their Christmas festivities. I say "sort of" because a) said festivities are often quite elaborate and exhausting seeming, and b) my "festivities" consisted of the following.

Baking bread (my first time out with Healthy Bread in 5!):

Baking cookies:

Baking bread:

And cleaning the kitchen:

So in "sort of" enjoying the Christmas blog posts on my Google Reader, I had to try hard not to feel like the Grinch. Or pathetic. Take your pick.

However, my Christmas did not consist merely of baking and scrubbing. The Best Husband Ever and I headed over to his folks' place where we enjoyed a simple and delicious buffet-style meal. And that's not to mention the wonderful company -- my dad-in-law put a bug in my ear about a horror script writing contest, and I had a good time playing "photo shoot" with my niece and her Polly Pocket dolls.

Pathetic Christmas? Not on your life! It was plain and quiet and exceedingly nice.

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