Friday, August 21, 2009

New Arrival

On Tuesday . . . it came. Heralded by the barking of a trio of frenzied canines . . . ushered over the threshold by a harried woman clad in brown . . . gingerly cradled in my arms . . . patiently lurking my bookshelf, waiting, until it was released . . . today.

What is this mysterious beast? It's my new camera! I found a sweet deal on an even sweeter camera on E-Bay, the snazzy Lumix DMC-LX3 from Panasonic. This is my first electronics purchase from Panasonic, but I hear that this camera is excellent for its price. The feature that I found most alluring was it's swanky lenses and high-quality macro capabilities. Perfect for food photography, I hope! I bought it to replace my beloved Nikon that bit the dust when I fumbled the poor dear and dropped it on our deck, knocking the lenses askew beyond all hope of [thrifty] rescue. Since then I have been using the Best Husband's Ever awesome digital SLR, but it's more bulky and less convenient than what I'm looking for in a day-to-day use camera. I'm hoping that the new LX3 will prove to have been a wise choice.

Unfortunately, I've been so busy with work that I haven't gotten a chance to play with the Lumix until today. Right now the contents of its box are sprawled across the kitchen table while the battery charges. I've installed the new software (although I'm not sure why, since I usually opt not to use the in-box programs with cameras) and now am giddily awaiting the moment when the battery's light extinguishes itself, indicating that it is powered up and ready to roll. I'm considering heading out for a bike ride in the meantime rather than stare impatiently at the poor battery. I think that would be least stressful for the little guy, don't you?

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