Saturday, August 1, 2009

Savory Tooth

Today was the first Saturday in the last three weeks that the Best Husband Ever and I did our usual farmer's market treat and Scrabble date. But today's treat was not sweet as it normally is. Or at least, mine wasn't. The hubby purchased a mondo bag of donut holes, of which I tested one (it was good). I decided to shake things up and chose a baked veggie empanada. It was warm, savory, and altogether delicious. I could not begin to tell you what exactly was inside, though -- I do seem to remember something about swiss chard. All I know is that this "treat" was darn good, and seemed healthy to boot.

What is definitely not healthy is my camera. My poor point-and-shoot digital has just about kicked the bucket. Or perhaps you could say that I threw it against the bucket. A couple of weeks ago I dropped the camera during a photo shoot. Since then it's only been able to manage macro shots. Today, this post's photo was the only shot I could convince the camera to take. In the interim I've been using the hubby's much swankier digital SLR, but it's just not as convenient as a tiny digital. So I suppose I'm in the market for a new camera. I loved the old one, which was a Nikon 610S, which had a special food macro setting, a nice size and heft, and it took great pictures very reliably. Until I dropped it. I could get another 610S, or I could try something new. Do you have any suggestions, fellow food photographers?


  1. I wouldn't classify myself as a food photographer, but I love taking my pics for sure. Husband got me a Sony Cybershot DSC-H50. I love it. I need to take more pics of food, though.~*~ Wendy ~*~"You might be a redneck IF ..."Tell Me Thursday- about Wordless WednesdayThoughts of a Tea Party Activist

  2. I love the Canon SD series. They are small and sturdy.When I lost my SD450, I replaced it with an SD970. I've been very happy with it. In addition to taking great photos, it shoots HD video, and has a huge screen - which is great for sharing photos with family.Canon service has been great too. When I cracked the LCD on my SD450, they fixed it for free.


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