Saturday, August 15, 2009

Take It Easy

Today has been a true Saturday kind of day for me. I woke up -- unSaturdayishly early, in fact, due to puppy bladder needs -- then had a little snack, some coffee, and my God time. Normally I might head downstairs and pop in an exercise DVD, but today I did this instead.

Ahhhhh. Bliss.

And the best part is that we beat the rain. The clouds were gorgeous during my hike with the pups, letting me gleefully play photographer. As soon as we were all safely back in the car, drops started to fall and they've been going just about ever since.

I coped with the continued rain bravely, I think: breakfast (baked polenta rounds with maple PBU and maple syrup) . . . Scrabble with the hubby (winning a united score of 679!) . . . Costco run . . . lunch (cottage cheese and cereal in a cantaloupe bowl) . . . igniting our upstairs fireplace for its first use of the chilly season and curling up with a book (I finished Joanne Harris' Five Quarters of the Orange, which was fairly good although not a favorite) . . . and promptly falling asleep in front of said fireplace for two hours. A day well-spent, if you ask me. I think my batteries are officially recharged!

How do you use this gloriously restful day? Happy rest-of-the-weekend, all!

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  1. wow! stunning pix


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