Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ready to Run . . . Again!

I think I may have gone crazy. But after the fun and success of my first race, I decided that I needed to run another. And not only just another race, but a longer one. Last week, I officially entered my first 10k race! It's a that's hosted annually by our local YMCA, and I've considered running the 5k portion of it before but have never had the courage. Now I do! Or at least I think I do . . . . Regardless, I'm in.

For this particular event, racers have the option of entering the race's 10k, 5k, 1 mile, or running all three. I wish I could say that I was a trifecta gal, but I don't have it in me this time around. That said, I have had my eye on a half-marathon . . . but let's see how I do on the 10k first!

I picked up my race packet yesterday. It was filled with oodles of goodies like coupons, a t-shirt, a Nature's Path cranberry ginger granola bar, and -- most exciting of all! -- my race number and shoe tag. The shoe tag doesn't have a chip, which would have jazzed me much more than it should, and I'm not quite sure what its point is, but I'll wear it quite happily nonetheless. In exactly 12 days, I will carry it across the 10k finish line! My race goals are:
  • pace myself appropriately (I'm afraid I'll get over-excited at the start -- a 10k is a lot longer than a 5k, and I can't keep the latter's pace for the former)
  • run the entire route
  • smile (but not for photos because the Best Husband Ever says that isn't very intense) and have fun!
Rah rah! Somewhere along the way, I think I somehow transformed into a runner!


  1. Oh good for you! I am training to run my first ever 5k this fall and I'm alternately excited and terrified. :) I have moments of "what have I gotten myself into" all over the place. Good luck on your 10k!

  2. Congratulations! We'll be here to cheer you on :)

  3. Congratulations! Good luck!

  4. Thanks, lovelies! And good luck on your 5k training and race, Kara! :D


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