Sunday, April 5, 2009

Has Spring Finally Sprung?

It seems that spring has finally begun to show its face here in western Montana! Today, after a week of rainy and cold spring break, the sun broke through, temperatures broke 50*F, and what seems like my city's entire population headed outdoors. I did, too! I hit the streets and trails for a glorious 7.3 mile run. (I wore my new black and hot pink running skorts, and decided I am a big fan.) All parks, trails, playgrounds, and green spots were packed with fellow runners, power walkers, dog walkers, stroller-pushing parents, sun bathers, ultimate frisbee champs, readers, photographers, bikers, and the like. It was awesome to see so many folks outside. It really gave me a sense of belonging to a community. Good work, neighbors!

After I ran and the hubby went on an intense-sounding bike/hike/run/swim adventure (seriously, he said he did all of those things, although maybe the swimming would be more accurately described as rock-skipping on the riverbank), we also lingered outdoors to soak up some sun. We hung out on the porch with our dogs, Cody and Jackson. I even let my indoor plants enjoy some direct sunlight along with us. This weather is an incredible natural mood-booster. I could get used to this!

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