Friday, April 17, 2009

Sun Run

Today ended up being amazingly gorgeous and warm outside. It's about time -- we had snow earlier this week! After a pretty nice day at work -- we took the kids over the community gardens to dig up weeds for a bit, which was good, sunny fun -- I donned my running skort, sneaks, and sunglasses and hit the roads for a run. I decided to start at the local fort, which was an Italian internment camp during World War II (my father-in-law is working on a brilliant historical fiction novel about that -- I'm excited to read it once he's finished) as a military base and a wildfire lookout center. It's also the location of my wedding to the Best Husband Ever!

Because it was so beautiful out, and also due to the fact that I'm an amateur photo bug and always wish I could capture scenes from my runs, I decided to tote along my little digital camera. It was a bit annoying to hold onto, but snapping a record of my run made it that much more fun. Since it was a long run -- 7.8 miles, according to Gmaps Pedometer, and my longest run to date! -- randomly taking pictures helped break up the monotony mid-run. Although I wonder what people I passed thought, if anything . . . .

So here is a photographic record of my run! I started at the Fort, ran out along a golf course for about 2.5 miles, staying in the grass to improve my trail running skills, then cut across a field into a recreation park. There I did two laps of the park loop (stopping for a regretted five-ish minute bathroom break -- for some reason I cannot run for more than 3-4 miles without needing one -- does anyone have this problem or suggestions?? I'm getting nervous about my 10k for this reason . . .). From the park I headed out on a pedestrian path along a main road past the College of Technology and agricultural centers, then doubled back, catching one more lap through the park. Then I took a different road back to the Fort, passing by the post cemetary, cutting through some fields, passing the barracks and officers' quarters again before ending up at the spot where I got married. Whew! It was a lovely time, you can bet! It was sunny, warm with just the right amount of breeze, and I even saw some huge ospreys.

I listened to Podrunner's interval training for 10k mix, week 6 (I think), which was a great selection. This is the first time I've downloaded any sort of running mix, and I found it to be very helpful and had a good BPM my mileage and pace. Based on my enjoyment of this mp3, I'd recommend Podrunner's mixes to anyone looking to spice up their exercise audio options.

And now, without further ado, stalk my run! It was a fun one, friends, and I hope you enjoy reliving it as much as I enjoyed running it.

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