Saturday, April 18, 2009

Saturday's Sweets, Sun, and Scrapes

It's been quite a day! A lovely day, to be sure -- it seems that spring has finally arrived! It was so sunny and warm that I was able to don a dress and feel mostly comfortable without loads of extra layering on top. Ahhh sunshine . . . I've missed you! Unfortunately, the Best Husband Ever could not enjoy the day to its fullest extent because he had to go into work this afternoon. Pooh is what I say to that, even while I understand that a) he really does have an important deadline to meet, and b) he's not a big sun fan anyway. Crazy, I know.

Still, we were able to kick off the weekend in our usual fashion -- sweet treat Saturday! We each grabbed something yummy at Bernice's Bakery. The hubby ordered some sort of a danish with loads of blackberries and jam on top. I enjoyed a blueberry cream cheese croissant with my coffee that truly hit the spot. Yum!

The Best Husband Ever also played a game of Scrabble. Like the past few weekends, we again totaled our collective points instead of competing against each other. With my Italian/Polish temper and competitiveness, this strategy has created a much more peaceable Scrabble Saturday! Scrabble is good for the brain and sometimes the soul, but perhaps not so much for a marriage if you're wedded to someone as hot-headed as me! All that to say . . . today's game was quite fun. Together, we played a game worth 629 points. Now we have to try to beat that score! (Did I mention that I'm competitive . . . ?)

Because it was so lovely outside, and because I'm sure they've been dying to get out of the house, the Best Husband Ever suggested that we take our pups along to Bernice's. We tethered them up outside, where they waited [mostly] patiently. The hubby kept dashing out of the bakery to double check on their status. Thankfully, he never discovered anything concerning.

Because Cody and Jackson were so well-behaved during their morning abandonment (I always feel like that's what the dogs must think when I leave them tied up outside of an establishment I enter), we rewarded them with some biscuits and a trip to the dog park. It was a happening place, packed with dogs, trash collecting volunteers (it was a city cleanup day), and kiddos.

I think they had a good time. That is a happy puppy face if I ever saw one! What do you think?

Following the dog park, we made a quick stop at the public library. This week was slow at work, so I had time to comb through a couple of Scholastic book orders and then reserve books that I wanted to read through the library. I'm currently finishing up the last book in Stephanie Meyer's Twilight series (entertaining but a little heavy on the teen angst/vampire love sappiness at times), and have been on the lookout for what to read next. Well, that problem has been solved -- today I picked up at least 10 new books! I don't know if I'll be able to finish them before their mid-May due date, especially with our imminent house purchase and move coming up. I'll do my best, though!

Then, to console myself when the Best Husband Ever left for work, and also to treat myself to some sunshine and nourishment, I biked over to a Starbucks. There I enjoyed an overpriced banana chocolate smoothie with some really timely words from the book of Ephesians. Like I mentioned earlier, I can sometimes get really emotional and upset. So this message was a good one for me to hear, especially today after feeling a bit grumpy fir the last few days: "For Christ himself has brought peace to us. . . . In his own body on the cross, he broke down the wall of hostility that separated us. . . . Our hostility toward each other was put to death" (Ephesians 2:14-16, selected). Good stuff. The extended bike ride that followed was also quite wonderful, taking me through some of the same territory that I ran yesterday and beyond. I even saw a llama!

Although the day itself was a nice one -- made even more so by the fact that the hubby came home earlier than expected and we got to visit my in-laws -- it ended in a small tragedy. Okay, perhaps "tragedy" is too strong of a word. But it was a scary event! As I was chopping up a kiwi for my dinner salad, I sliced right into my left index finger. Oh boy. Let me just say that I'm not very good with injuries. In the past I have fainted while watch a First Aid training video. Blood is not my deal. That's why I'm an educator and not a vet.

When I cut my finger this evening, I immediately knew that it was not a slight paper cut. Coached by the Best Husband Ever, I quickly stuck it under a faucet of streaming cold water, but it continued to bleed much more copiously than I was comfortable with. Soon my head was swimming, my hearing cottony, and I lowered myself to the floor to avoid knocking my head if I passed out. Thankfully, the hubby got my finger bandaged and I managed to stay conscious, if not completely lucid. After a horrible ten minutes' of nausea, cold sweat, and my wonderful man distracting me with calm questions about earring and wardrobe coordination, I turned back into myself, sans a trip to dream land.

Later the hubby admitted that he wasn't sure if I was not about it go into shock. Thankfully, he has a soothing demeanor and quick hands when it comes to patching. I think it must run in the family, because his sister did the same for me when I had a bloody scrum head injury a year or two ago. I almost fainted then, too. How embarrassing. Still, my forehead didn't scar then, and I've made it out of tonight's accidental knifing without any lasting damage. And that means that I'm all ready to run my second ever 5K race tomorrow afternoon, bandaged finger and all!

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  1. What a great post! I like your taste in Scripture quotes and board games. :)I hope your poor finger heals quickly! Good thing your hubs is good in a crisis. We all need someone in our life who's quick on the draw with a Band-Aid! Although I'm not squeamish at the site of blood, when I cut myself a few months ago on the blade of my food processor, I immediately called my husband to administer the first aid. :)


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