Thursday, December 13, 2007

How can it be Thursday already? Christmas looms ever closer, I spent an hour at Wal-Mart today due to holiday crowds (and have done no holiday shopping of my own), and more snow fell today. It must be December! On a mostly unrelated tangent, my Thursday Thirteen for this week (edition five already!) is...

Thirteen foods I have made recently, in reverse chronology...
  1. Cornbread*/corn muffins. While I usually enjoy the tops of muffins most, the bottoms on the corn muffins I made this evening were delightfully crispy while cocooning a moist and springy center. Yum!
  2. Various soups for the past two nights' dinners. I seem to be getting better at these, because tonight's was better than last night's (although both were hearty, healthy, and tasty). They were both minestrone-esque soups.
  3. Sweet potato fries, baked in the oven to go along with last night's soup. While my husband doesn't like them unless they're crispy, these limp babies never fail to make me happy, not to mention warm and full.
  4. A deliciously smooth breakfast smoothie. You can't go wrong with banana and yogurt.
  5. Lemon bars. A little too lemony (I'll use one tablespoon less of lemon juice next time around) and the bottom crust was a little funny (probably, again, due to my misguided butter substitution efforts), but still a tasty treat.
  6. Apple-stuffed baked acorn squash. Mmm squash.
  7. Pumpkin gingerbread.*
  8. An attempt at berry brownies, unfortunately failed due to me (yet again!!) foolishly removing butter from the recipe and replacing it with an odd cocktail of applesauce and yogurt. These were donated to my husband's very gracious parents.
  9. Apricot scones and chai cookies*. These turned out okay, although not great.
  10. Almond bars*. Again with the poor butter choices, again with the mediocrity.
  11. Another breakfast smoothie, this time of pumpkin, the only true rival to the banana/yogurt combo.
  12. My first scone creations, yummy lemon berry scones*. Even the batter for these tasted great -- and I successfully removed the recipe's butter!
  13. In my most ambitious soup-creation effort to date, gingered carrot soup. Besides, anything that allows me to use my nifty blender gets a thumbs up from this muffin lovin' chick.
* On Sunday I will be selling these goodies at my church to raise money for a mission trip. I hope that people will buy my treats because a) I want to help raise funds, and b) I don't want to go home with anything!


  1. Yummy list. Mine would go fine with yours if you like to read while you eat:

  2. I am bookmarking you. What a terrific TT! I adore cooking and recipes. You can read mine here.

  3. Oh wow, those sound so wonderful. Corn muffins are my favorite but I love lemon squares, sweet potato ANYTHING and---well--all of it. If I went to your church, I'd buy all your treats! I can't cook at all and am going to have to have everything store-bought this year when I visit back home. The Flatland Almanack --Damozel (adorable animals behaving oddly)

  4. Yummy list....I want to make sweet potato fries but I think I would be the only one to eat them. Pop over to the cafe for my list

  5. Now I'm feeling very hungry.


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