Sunday, December 16, 2007

The missions trip fundraiser my church held this morning seems to have been a success! I manned the soup and sandwich table, which fared quite well after the first service, and lots of people bought goodies and crafts. Of the treats that I baked, the things I was least proud of sold the most. Apparently, scones are a rare but popular item at such sales, so I will take that into account for future sales I cook for. It was very gratifying to see the pastor walking around with a bag of my apricot scones, eating them as he visited with people. But there is a very serious baker who contributed some amazing treats, including these adorable snowman cupcakes. Her crowning achievement, however, was the cake shaped like a Christmas tree ornament. It was beautifully frosted, perfectly round, and about seven inches in diameter. Food porn in person is such fun! (I apologize for the low-quality image, by the way. I forgot to charge my camera's batteries, procrastinator that I am, and was forced to use my camera phone instead.)

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