Friday, December 21, 2007

I am in the middle of creating my entry for the January 2008 Royal Foodie Joust, hosted by The Left Over Queen. The entries must include the specified ingredients, which for this month are pomegranates, pistachios, and mint. What am I making? you may ask. Well, that will be top secret until it's finished. But I'll leave you with a smattering of hints -- it's a cookie, it's somewhat Christmas-y, and it's the first time I've made this kind of goodie. Wonder away, at least for a little while longer!

I will also leave you, gentle reader, with my current thoughts on the process. Having never used (or even eaten!) fresh pomegranate before, I not only made a mess of myself and my kitchen trying to seed the fruit, but I'm not sure if I should have baked the seeds directly into my cookie or if I should have juiced it instead. Also, I had planned to have crunchy peppermint sprinkles topping the mystery cookies, but I think I put the mints on too early because they melted. Perhaps they will still be crunchy, but they are definitely not spiky or sprinkle-like any longer. Ah, well. Melted peppermint swirls are lovely, and just as tasty! And hopefully all of these cookies will be delicious, not just the minty parts. What a fun challenge this is turning out to be!

(Image from DCW Hawaii, an online Hawaiian gift shop.)

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  1. hi beth!so excited to see that we share a common appreciation for muffins. :) thanks for visiting bribe me with a muffin. good luck with the cookies! they sound yummy.


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