Friday, December 28, 2007

The Best Husband Ever and I are take pictures at our friends' wedding tomorrow. This evening we attended the rehearsal and dinner. The groom's cake was a special order, made at one of the hoity-toity-est bakeries in town. The top and bottom tiers were chocolate cake, and the center tier was orange. I had some of the chocolate layer, and it was pretty good. The cake part (which I usually like the least, given my super sweet tooth) was quite nice, but the brown decoration that was draped over the top of the cake was odd. It was sweet and tasted okay, but was also gummy and just all around weird. I didn't get to taste one of the oranges, but they looked adorable. It always saddens me how it seems that the swankier and more expensive the food, the more over-thought and as a result (and this is a huge and sweeping generalization, to be sure) less tasty the food ends up being. But still, free cake is good cake in my book. Especially if it's pretty pre-wedding cake.


  1. Wow, what a time for a wedding. Jan. 30th/31st would be a fun anniversary.Too bad the cake wasn't too good. The little oranges look pretty, though.

  2. Oh, sorry. I'm tired. Dec. 30th/31st.


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