Monday, July 26, 2010

Rock It

I did it. I faced yesterday's challenge head-on -- and it turned out great. I made a new friend, I hooped with her, and, most amazing of all, I hooped like a crazy woman after she left. In public. With cars driving by. I even made a video for evidence/posterity.

(And, if I do say so myself, I think I rocked it.)

Victory? I think so.


  1. Aw, it looks like you had a blast! It's such a great feeling when you find out that something you were a bit apprehensive about to begin with really wasn't as scary as we make it out to be :)

  2. Congrats! Great video.

  3. Ha - you definitely rocked it! Love it!

  4. Sarena Shasteen - ThJuly 27, 2010 at 7:41 AM

    That is awesome! I love it!

  5. Excellent, Betherann! Wish I'd been there with y'all. We may not get to hoop together this side of heaven, but I sure hope we do. :)

  6. Yes, I'd say you rocked it!! I would have fallen on my behind about a minute into the routine! You have a beautiful blog with a very up beat, joyful feeling! I'm looking forward to seeing what you have in store for my next visit.Stop by my blog when you get the chance. I'm a bit of a newbie blogger and would appreciate any comments or suggestion.


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