Monday, July 19, 2010

Yellow Cake Fail

Remember that chocolate protein cake I mentioned in Friday's post about the renovated banana split? I wrote that I've been eating "loads of April's chocolate protein cakes," and it's true. And it's true. To date, I've eaten my protein cakes naked (the cake, not me), with almond butter, with sliced up bananas, with banana syrup, with maple syrup, with coconut butter, with caramel peanut butter . . . you get the idea.

Then I got to thinking -- why chocolate? My preference when it comes to real, non-healthy-fied cakes has always been for white (or, more accurately I suppose, yellow) cake with white frosting. While I adore April chocolaty creation, I wondered if the same nutritious and tasty results would be possible if I made a vanilla protein cake. So, of course, I tried.

Instead of chocolate protein powder I used vanilla. I removed the cocoa powder and added some the most amazing vanilla extract I've ever tasted (seriously, the best). I may have added a little vanilla coconut kefir. I hoped for this, but yellow:

What I actually got was this:

Hmm. It seems that further, ah, finessing of the recipe may be required. Just a guess. Do you have any ideas on how to make it work?

What's one of your funniest/favorite food fail memories? Another one of mine involves the inability to make Jell-O (yes, really).

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  1. See, that's what you get for taking chocolate out of a recipe. Kitchen blasphemy in the most serious form! I remember once AGES ago trying to make breaded green bean fries with soggy canned green beans. Smooth move, eleven year old me, well done.

  2. yogiclarebear.comJuly 20, 2010 at 7:11 PM

    hmmm! it sounds like the cocoa powder had something to do with it. maybe some kind of cereal crumb would do the trick? like a kay's naturals protein cereal!?


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