Thursday, July 1, 2010

Coffee + Coconut + Cocoa = Taste Bud Love

Why, Green Mountain? Why do you create the most delectable coffees, make them available in easy-to-brew one-cup quantities for my Keurig brewer, make my taste buds fall head-over-heels in love . . . and make those very same flavors seasonal specials? Because seasonal means that one day it will go away forever! [Insert howl of despair here.]

This week I discovered Green Mountain's exclusive coffee creations for summer 2010, and their Island Coconut has won my heart (the peach is good, too!). After brewing up a cup earlier this week and adding a little Silk creamer and skim milk, I thought my coconut coffee tasted so great that I proclaimed it to the world (or my little corner of it) via Twitter. The Green Mountain folks tweeted back, suggesting that I add a little cocoa for an Almond Joy-esque treat. Who am I to argue? I took their suggestion and fell in love all over again.

Almond Joy Java

8 oz. brewed coffee (I recommend Island Coconut, of course, but any kind will do)
1/2 T dark cocoa powder
1 T vanilla creamer (I prefer Silk)
optional: 1 T coconut flavoring

Mix everything together in a mug. Sip and die happy.

Serves 1.

What's your favorite way to drink coffee?

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  1. I love the Keurig coffee maker at my office. I make one of the flavored coffees (Hazelnut, Vanilla, Mocha Nut Fudge), mix in some creamer, and pour it over a big cup of ice for iced coffee. It's divine. I have it almost every morning.


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