Sunday, July 25, 2010

Hoop Dreams

Today I'm going to be hooping. In public. With strangers (or, at best, new web "friends" I connected with at SparkPeople, where I track my nutrition).

Yeah. I'm nervous.

But I just ran across this sweet photo on Hoop City, and, well, I don't think an explanation is required.

(But I will say this -- let me know if you're local to western Montana and want to come hoop it up. I'll send you the when/where.)


  1. Awesome! I remember my first hoop so well ~ I loved that thing. Haven't done it in years . . . Have sooo much fun, my friend!!Hugs,Sandy

  2. Up until last month I thought I was entirely incapable of hula-hooping...turns out, I just was using the cheap crappy unweighted plastic hoops from WalMart! My work has a bunch of the real, weighted ones for the kids and I finally figured it out! Have fun :)

  3. Hiya - thanks for visiting + commenting! I think I came across you on the goodreads thread @ HoopCity :] We're crossing paths ALL OVER!Good luck today meeting up with new people/friends! That's a lot of courage (yup, it's in the title - you are cultivating it like crazy)

  4. This is a great shot!


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