Friday, July 6, 2012

In the Art Studio + Shop Changes

{in progress} 

I've got quite a few things going on in my artistic life right now. Like the above girl who lives in my art notebook, and this curly-haired girl that is currently frustrating me big time:

{in progress} 

I'm [mostly] okay with that frustration, though, because initially I was also very frustrated with the orange-haired girl, and now quite like how that's gone.  Expect prints of her soon!

Speaking of prints, I am restructuring how I sell my art originals and prints.  Before, you could purchase originals in my Etsy shop and prints + cards from my RedBubble shop.  But while I adore the quality of the RedBubble reproductions, they charge quite a bit of money and I see very little of it.  On top of that, I can't track the traffic to my RedBubble shop well, which leaves me feeling a bit frustrated (hrm, I am sensing a theme to this post that has nothing to do with artwork . . .).

So I decided to take back a little control and make my Etsy shop my one and only.  All of the same lovely items will be available (eventually . . . I am in the process of transferring everything now).  The only difference is that now I will be able to offer those amazing high quality prints at a much lower cost to you, and keep more of the profits myself.  It's a win for everybody!  So keep your eyes on my Etsy shop, because big stuff is happening there.

One example of "big stuff" is a new kind of print that I just released today -- wood mounted prints

Wood mounted prints

I've affixed a high quality print onto a 5" x 7" molded rectangular wooden plaque, painted the borders a vibrant color, and sealed the whole thing to protect it from wear.  I really love these, because they don't require framing -- you can just hang them as is on the wall, or display them with a tabletop easel.

Wood mounted prints

When I buy other artists' work, it often languishes in storage for months because I find the framing process so daunting.  I'm a big fan of ready-to-hang stuff!

Also, I added a $10.00 sale section to my shop, which holds (you guessed it) items that are $10.00 (US), with free shipping.  

So . . . I've been keeping busy!  Which I like, and since it's a passionate kind of work, that busy-ness is even better.  And right now, I need some busy-ness to keep the time flying toward October.  I cannot wait to meet this little rainbow baby face-to-face!  I had nightmares about him dying again last night, and I woke aching for this boy to be in my arms.  But although I am impatient, I know it is better for him to stay unborn for a little while longer, so I will try to make my peace with the waiting.

What have you been up to, artistically or otherwise?

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  1. I love the vibrant colors and flowing lines in your work!

  2. Very cool. We just created an art studio for our's still a work in progress, but at least now they have a space...

  3. All kinds of fun stuff going on, Beth! Love these two pieces. Love the eyes. Love the hair! That is exactly the same reason I offer wood mounted prints too, when you buy just a print you have to find the right frame or way to hang it and that usually takes me forever! :)


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