Saturday, July 21, 2012

On Art, Perfectionism, & Not Giving Up

Held 4x6

Perfectionism nearly got the best of me while working on this new creation, called "Held."  Remember when she looked like this?  I got a lot of really wonderful positive feedback on that in-process photo . . . and nearly gave up and threw the whole thing away when I felt that I'd ruined her.  I liked the lighter hair, and when I painted it over with brown, I thought that was the end.

But I didn't want an unfinished piece taunting me, so I sucked up my courage yesterday, let go of my perfectionistic expectations, and ended up with something that I'm really quite pleased with.  This experience has definitely left me with something to remember the next time perfectionism strikes! 

If you'd like to make a print of "Held" your own, they are available in my Etsy shop, here.

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What do you do to push through and not give up when perfectionism strikes?


  1. i loved her blue, i love her green. i think i would love her in between.

    your work makes me smile beth, be gentle on yourself. she is beautiful and so is your work!

  2. She is beautiful! I am so glad you won in the battle against perfectionism. It is

  3. It is a battle for me too. Visiting from studio JRU

  4. She turned out beautifully, Beth! It is so great to have a reminder like this when perfectionism strikes. I battle with that as well! :)

  5. this is my favorite of all of your work!

  6. She is beautiful! I think I need a copy of this!! Perfectionism is not often an issue for most "rules" or unreasonable expectations make me want to die my hair pink, turn up the music really loud, and ride off into the sunset on the motorcycle I don't own. I would like to bathe in grace. But, it does strike occasionally...causing me to find the one flaw in an otherwise "perfect" creation...or event...or offering of some sort, from myself or someone else. Fixating on said glaring flaw, allowing it to rob the joy and suck the grace out of every ounce of the moment. Yeah...that happens sometimes. I suppose when that flaw stands before us glaring, we need to remember that there's beauty in the the the "imperfection" of it all. Don't you think?


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