Thursday, October 7, 2010

Hoopcamp Noshery

I wasn't sure what to expect from the food served up at Hoopcamp . . . but the reality pretty much blew me away. The kitchen staff served up balanced, healthy, and absolutely delicious meals with vegan options three times a day. I tried just about everything and thoroughly enjoyed each meal.

Some food highlights include insanely amazing black beans, rice (which I never eat at home) beef stir-fry (and I don't even like beef), and naan bread. I was a little worried that I might gain some weight since I didn't know what was being put in each dish, but I just tried to listen to my body and eat intuitively. I even went back for seconds a couple of times.

What's even more amazing (to me, anyway) is that I didn't gain weight. In fact, I think I even slimmed down a bit. I certainly feel better than I did going in to Hoopcamp. The retreat center's food made me feel nourished and healthy, and it felt like really yummy body gasoline. I ate well without going overboard, trusted my body, and came out feeling great. How's that for balanced living?

Then, as I set off on the twenty hour drive back to Montana, I threw all of my food intuition out the window. Feeling a little drowsy, I decided to load up on caffeine and diet sodas on my way out of California. About thirty minutes past Reno, Nevada, I had to pull over so I could vomit up the rather vast amount of chemicals I had imbibed courtesy of the Coca-Cola company. My stomach was both cramping and distended, and I was in so much discomfort that I checked into the first motel I saw after the vomiting, which ended up being the seediest accommodation of all time. I'm thankful that I didn't see any roaches until I was checking out the next morning.

Now, I really shouldn't feel surprised by my body's violent rejection of aspartame-laced beverages. After all, I had a similar (although not quite so intense) reaction to artificial sweeteners last year. I guess I forgot, or I was just so intent on making good time home from Hoopcamp that I didn't listen to what my body actually wanted.

The takeaway? Your body knows what it wants. My body knows what it wants. And my body is telling me to forget the calorie counting and to simply listen. What's your body saying?


  1. Oh no, that sucks! I'm glad the food at hoopcamp was delicious and taught you about your body's intuition, though. Here's to hoping it's a less vomitlicious lesson next time!!

  2. I'm glad that they improved the food situation at Hoop Camp. I attended last year & unfortunately that aspect affected my experience a lot as well as my decision to not return.


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