Friday, October 29, 2010

Facing the Mirror

Happy Friday!  For most of you, that means the end of the work week.  For me, that means I teach hoop dance fitness tonight!

This will be the third class that I've taught, and I'm still feeling awkward and weird.  I suppose that's to be expected, though.  I mean, stick me in a hoop and a headset, plop me in a room lined with mirrors, and expect me to impart hoopy wisdom (or at the very least some learning) and insecurities are bound to arise.  Last week's class, however, was an improvement upon the first.  Two people came (instead of the awkward situation of a single student -- yikes!) and they were pretty excited about the whole thing.  It was quite fun!

After class was over, though, I decided to face my fears -- a.k.a. the mirrors.  I hooped and pranced about and used the mirrors to inform my movements, not to feel bad about my perceptions of my body.  In the end, some interesting things happened with the hoop that might not have otherwise.  Take that, mirror-fear!

How do you deal with mirrors?  Do you avoid them at all costs?  Schmooze with your reflection?  Love/hate/tolerate reflective surfaces?  Do tell!

* * *

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  1. I'm a dancer as well as dance teacher, and the reflection in the mirror and I have always had an interesting relationship. I used to spend hours everyday in front of a wall of full length mirrors. When I was moving, I never had a problem looking at myself. I was focused on alignment, positioning and form. It was when I stopped dancing that I couldn't stand those mirrors.When I learned the difference between critiquing and criticizing, it made all the difference in the world. It's totally ok to think that I should straighten my leg or extend through the limbs. It's not ok to think that it would look better if my thighs were thinner or my waist a little smaller.Focus on the positive, and you'll end up liking what you see! Even if it's something very small, like pointed toes :)

  2. My living room, where I hoop, has two walls of windows and one wall of long mirrors. I have appreciated them from the start, because they allow me to see what I'm doing and if it looks the same as in the tutorial. It saves me from having to whip out a video camera all the time. So in that sense, they are positive, but I also find that with the mirrors, I can never just get lost in the hoop because I'm too busy watching myself. I want to hoop where I can't see myself, and then maybe I won't be so tempted to perform for my own eyes and can just.... flow.

  3. I don't mind mirrors, to about my chest. I can't stand my body between my chest and my hips. The top and bottom I'll take, but the middle...I hate it. I won't look there in the mirror, I haven't for years.But I like my face. And I love looking in the super up close mirror at my blackheads and plucking my eyebrows. That thing is disgusting and awesome!


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