Saturday, October 2, 2010

Guest Post: Proverbial Pancakes

Today's guest post is from Mark, the dry wit behind The Pancake Proverbs blog and wordlust on Twitter. He always makes me giggle. Thanks, Mark!

People know they can learn a lot from teachers, parents, books, and Jedi masters, not to mention those guys who train ninjas. But most people don’t know they can learn from pancakes. I fill that gap with The Pancake Proverbs, which include:

Nothing is cuter than a puppy eating a pancake, except maybe a baby eating a kitten.

If Adam and Eve had eaten pancakes instead of an apple, humanity would still live in a beautiful garden paradise, and I bet I wouldn't have dropped my cell phone in the toilet.

Never eat pancakes on a first date or second exorcism.

You can get used to anything except a pancake in your shoe or a long metal pole in your brain.

Early pancakes doubled as models of the earth, before we knew the earth was not delicious.

If you throw a pancake into a volcano that's expecting a virgin, that is going to be one disappointed volcano.

Every pancake is as unique as a snowflake, but I doubt you knew that, due to the powerful snowflake lobby.

He who opens the tomb of the chosen one will eat no pancakes, because man, that sounds like a busy day.

If you don't know who the pancake at the table is, it's you.

More flat wisdom can be found at The Pancake Proverbs.


  1. Hilarious stuff! Thanks for the laughs. :)

  2. Peace Love and LeeneOctober 2, 2010 at 3:00 PM

    haha! Too funny.


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