Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Moon Travel

Yesterday I made good time through Montana, Idaho, and Nevada. The beautiful mountains of Idaho smoothed to the flat high desert of Nevada, which I will be all too happy to leave later today and trade for (I can hardly believe it!) San Francisco.

But the wasteland was not completely void. I passed the coolest and most unexpected national park called Craters of the Moon. Check it out:



How neat is that! Volcanoes in Idaho? Who knew! I'm hoping to make a photography visit on my return trip.

Watch for some sweet guest posts starting to go up tomorrow!


  1. I traveled recently over there in the Moon landscapes as well and man, I bet twenty bucks that that's about exactly where they took those famous "landing on the moon" shots with the US flag waving in wind (that's not supposed to blow on the Moon). LOL

  2. whoa!! I traveled through Idaho to get to Illinois, and never appreciated the scenery. Regretting that now!


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