Sunday, September 26, 2010

What's a Hoopcamp?

So what is this Hoopcamp thing that I've been writing about, anyway? I'll give you the official blurb first. According to the Hoopcamp Facebook page, Hoopcamp is "a yearly gathering of the Hoop Dance Community to share, connect, learn, and celebrate the hoop as a transformational movement tool for creative self-expression."

According to me, it's an opportunity for growth. Mostly personal, but perhaps some professional growth, too. But really, it's an opportunity for me to challenge myself, to stop hiding, and to hang out with the celebrities of the hooping world while I (hopefully) learn a lot.

And I do expect to learn. Hoopcamp is a three day retreat stuffed with workshops about all things hooping -- teaching, performance, fitness, flow, costuming, circus acts, stage persona, and more. There will even be some aerial hooping (think hoops suspended in the air) and night-time hoop jams. In a word, it will intense. But fun-intense.

I'm a little nervous. But I'm also super excited. Not only will I get to meet and learn from many of the big names of hoop dance, but I'll also be able to finally meet my online friends in person. And, of course, I will get my hoop dance on like never before.

So stand by for some super-fun blogging! I'm heading out on my trek to California tomorrow, and you can expect some road0-trip posts followed by a fabulous series of guest posts. (And, if you'd like to contribute a guest post, it's not too late! Just email me at kitchencourage (at) yahoo (dot) com.)

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  1. Thought I commented on this, but I guess not... Anyway, great video! I love the gracefulness I'm seeing in your moves these days. Keep it up, and bring back some sweet new moves we can pick up. ;)


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