Monday, September 13, 2010

NOT Waiting To Be Thin

Waiting to "feel thin enough" stinks. It means not going for walks (I went on two this weekend!), missing out on my youngest sister-in-law's birthday party (I went, with tea!), copping out on church (I did . . . again, sadly), letting the last beautiful days of summer pass by unrecognized and unsavored (I did some hermit-ing these past few days) . . . . All that to say that this weekend I worked to defy my self-imposed rule to wait to "feel thin enough" to do life-things. Obviously, there was both success and failure, but I'll keep plugging along. And, if you don't mind, I'll indulge in a little self-back-patting while I'm at it.
Handmade hat
This weekend I crocheted two hats (only one is pictured) and a cowl that fits strangely and needs a button.
Yorkshire cowl
Guess what everyone is getting for Christmas . . . !

I also signed up for a six-week drawing course at the local adult education center, and checked in with a new yarn shop to fill myself in on when their group knit/crochet sessions are. And I even broke out the Moleskine drew in spite of my rusty skills.
Potted garden
I sketched some of the potted plants that are (amazingly) still growing on the back porch, using a graphite pencil.

While I did cop out of a few [important] things, I also avoided avoiding others (how's that for a confusing sentence!). Small steps, right? Also, I just nabbed an interview tomorrow for a half-time tutoring position at one of the local schools. Send good job ju-ju my way if you think of it!

Here are some fabulous women who are definitely not "waiting to feel thin" to take life by the horns. Thank you for the inspiration, ladies!
  • You already met Traci of yesterday's guest post (thanks again, Traci!), but I just had to mention her again. Her hooping kicks butt.
  • Catina Jane is working on her weight, but that doesn't stop her from hooping, making beautiful paintings and jewelry, and teaching art classes while she's at it.
  • SparkPeople member Karvy, who writes a Spark blog called Running While Chunky, is a new discovery for me, but I love her attitude. She's not waiting to be thin to run!
What I especially appreciate is that all three of these women are losing weight through a nutritious food plan and moderate exercise, not fasting, crash dieting, or overexercising. Rock it!

Who inspires you?


  1. talented woman, my gosh! you crochet? beautifully! how much do you charge for a hat?! you draw too? and im forever in awe of your hooping skills. beth you are SO talented. i hope you can see that.i was very inspired by your "waiting" post...more later.another job offer? what went down with the resort job? email me soon...

  2. Easy 1...2...3. Read and write your own article. A new collabrative dimension -

  3. Beth, love the drawing and crocheted hat! And thanks for including me in your list; that blessed me greatly. :)By the way, I just read an article in RealSimple's October issue about a woman my age (in her mid 40s) who's been dealing with an eating disorder for several decades. It gave me a new understanding of what you've been through. She said the same things you did in your earlier post about not feeling "thin enough" and getting on with her life anyway.


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