Monday, March 22, 2010

Weekend Bliss

I seem to have abandoned the blog this weekend. Sorry -- well, sort of. Instead of blogging, I was doing a whole lot of what you see in this photo (that is, hiking with the Best Husband Ever and our dogs). So I'm really not all that sorry, because I had a blissful, beautiful blast with him. And I didn't take a single photo of food all weekend! That must be a first.

I did however, do some of this . . .

. . . and a bunch of writing:
Also, I hit a writing milestone -- I got published! For money! I trade words for cash! This is not the first time my work has been published outside of the internet, but it's the first time that I will be paid for it. Wow! I still can't believe it. I don't want to share more for fear of violating my agreement with the editor, but you can bet that I'll be posting a link when it's released! I think I need to bake some cookies for this occasion . . . like the tahini cookies that Traci mentioned on my Ask [Almost] Anything page. Traci, I must have the recipe!

Speaking of my Formspring, you may have noticed some reshuffling of Kitchen Courage's layout. Don't worry, nothing is lost. I've simply rearranged widgets in order of importance to allow easier access to subscription, my Twitter, and so forth. I created a new side bar section called "I Write . . ." where you can find widgets that link to my latest HubPages hubs, Healthy Food Examiner articles, and older AC articles. Also updated is my Amazon recommendations, including some of my favorite books, films, workouts, and other products. Ask [Almost] Anything has not disappeared, but it has moved down to the bottom of the side bar.

How does the new blog organization work? Is it easier to find elements? More difficult? I'd love your feedback.

While you're blog crawling, be sure to stop by Kashi's website to nab your free cereal sample for their Healthier Year trial event. (Thanks to Nicolette for the tip!) Love Street Living Foods is also holding a 10%-off-everything sale that ends today, plus three free samples, with the coupon code 21MAR.

I'd say that gives you plenty to do online this evening (since you were totally looking for ways to kill some hard-earned free time, I'm sure). Enjoy your Kashi freebies, your discounts, and checking in with your thoughts on Kitchen Courage's updates as well as my newly published articles. Happy Monday!

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  1. hi dear beth,im so happy for you getting published! congrats :) you are working very hard, obviously with all your articles. im happier though for this special and "blissful" time with BHE. :)ps send me an update soon!


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