Friday, March 19, 2010

Vote For Hummus: A Shameless Plug

Two posts in one day?! I know, it's a first for me! However, I just received some fun news that I a) wanted to share with you, and b) wanted to ask for your support regarding. As you might know, I'm trying to make something of myself in the world of freelance writing. As part of that venture I've started writing for content sites like HubPages. One of my articles (called "hubs" on the site) was just selected as one of the top food hubs of the week! Now it's up to readers to decide which of the editor-selected top choices is the favorite. The article with the most hubs gets featured in the weekly newsletter, which generates a ton of fantastic exposure.

Here's where you come in, wonderful readers. My hub, Let Them Eat Hummus: 5 Healthy Recipes, is one of the editors' top food-related picks. If you think my hummus article really is the best of the best, I would love to have your vote. While you're visiting HubPages, be sure to check out my other hubs as well as the vast selection of quality writing by other authors.

What are you waiting for? Go! Read! Vote!

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