Thursday, March 25, 2010

Letting Go of Squash -- Er, Stuff

Did you know that today is National Letting Go of Stuff Day? I'm being serious -- I mean, they have a website, so they must be legitimate. It's not like just anybody can create a website . . . or a blog . . . about anything . . . like food or fitness or God or whatever . . .

Ahem. Legit or not (and, in spite of my own patchy legitimacy, the National Letting Go of Stuff site does seem like it's for real), I'm celebrating this little holiday. I planned it all out and everything. You see, I've had this butternut squash sitting around for quite some time, lonely and forgotten. So, in honor or National Letting Go of Stuff Day, I ate it. Just for the holiday. Because I needed to quit hording my squash and just let it go.

Okay, maybe it's because I wanted squash. I specifically wanted kabocha, but it seems that this elusive squash has never been heard of in the wilds of Montana. I made do with butternut squash and roasted it up CCH-style, and ate half of it straight up for lunch on Monday. Then for breakfast on Tuesday I steamed the leftovers in the microwave with a little French vanilla coffee creamer, also inspired by Katie.

What was I thinking? How have I been missing out on the wonders of the freshly roasted squash? I have been quite candid with my love of all things pumpkin -- but that tends to mean canned pumpkin for reasons of convenience/laziness. But whole squash roasted up in my very own oven? Heavenly, I tell you.

Can you guess what I had for breakfast this morning? More roasted butternut, this time with whipped cream cheese. Next time I get roast happy (which will probably be quite soon) I plan to drizzle on some of another new food favorite, Maggie's miso tahini dressing.

While we're (sort of) on the topic of random mini holidays, March is Adopt a Rescued Guinea Pig Month. At least, it was in 2006. Anyway, I just wanted to mention that my former workplace and favorite animal sanctuary, Rolling Dog Ranch, is in the running to win $3,000 in the Animal Rescue Site's Shelter Challenge. Supporters of various rescues can vote for their favorite shelter, and right now Rolling Dog is in 4th place. If they get enough votes to take 3rd, they will win the prize which will fund their rescue of blind and disabled dogs, horses, and cats. That's where I adopted my vision-disabled pup, Cody, from, and I've been voting everyday. Will you join me? Visit Rolling Dog's blog for details.

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  1. I grew up wanting a guinea pig for so, so long. (I eventually had like five- they're goofy little guys). What a neat idea for charity!


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