Monday, February 8, 2010

Everybody Wins!

We have a winner! And I don't mean the New Orleans Saints, who apparently won the Super Bowl yesterday. (Can you tell that the Best Husband Ever and I don't watch much professional football . . . or any?) Nope, I'm talking about the winner of Kitchen Courage's Progresso soup giveaway!

So who walks away win a gift box of Progresso soup, plus a super cute mug and a digital jump rope?

Jane Beall!

Congrats, Jane! Email me at escagnel04 (at) yahoo (dot) com with your mailing name and address, and I will pass it onto Laurie over at Progresso. Thank you for participating! (Please note that that's a zero in the first part of my email address, not the letter "o.") Also, let me know if you can figure out the digital jump rope -- I could never manage to sort out how to work mine.

That's not all, though. The folks over at Holey Donuts! wanted to offer a Valentine's Day special. These donuts are super tasty, and don't have all the bad fats and high sugar content of regular donuts. I've tried these products, and I really like them. I recommend any of their crumb donuts (there are chocolate, vanilla, and caramel varieties) or a standard glazed donut. They even have a super cute (and delicious) pink frosted Valentine's Day donut!

If you'd like to try a few boxes of Holey Donuts!, head on over to their website and put three boxes of product into your cart. Then at checkout enter the code "VDAY1" and hit recalculate, and one of your three boxes will be yours for free. Yum! There is also a contest for blog readers to win four free assortments and $250, so be sure to check out the Holey Donuts! contact page to enter as well.

Happy Monday!

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