Sunday, September 27, 2009

Hooping Up a [Wind] Storm

Last week a very special something arrived in the mail. It was my spiffy new adult-sized hoop, along with a mini hoop, made with love by Pixie Hoops. Of course I had to try out my hoop post haste. After watching some instructional videos (check out Hoop City for some great online classes) and picking up some new tricks, tips, and techniques, I headed to a nearby park with my hoop and music in tow.

Despite having to battle some strong winds, I stuck it out and worked on a few things. Having just learned how to hand hoop above the head and also how to jump into hooping at the waist, I practiced those moves quite a bit. I also wanted to improve my flow and how to combine what few moves I know into more of a dance instead of a laundry list of techniques. So I put together the following combination:

Find more videos like this on Hoop City - Hooping Community

(Yup, that's the music from Harry Potter playing, if you can hear it above the wind.) The above combination consisted of four moves: hand hooping at the waist, jumping into waist hooping, followed by moving to hand hooping above the head and then spinning the hooping down and around my body, still in hand. Can you see all those things?

If so, then I have another challenge for you. Can you find that combination embedded in this jam session?

Find more videos like this on Hoop City - Hooping Community

I had a super-fun time rocking out with my fabulous hoop (thanks, Pixie!). In fact, I had such a good time that I recorded many-a video for your viewing pleasure. If you're interested, check out my other hooping attempts on my Hoop City video database. My Flickr account is also bursting at the seems with hooping shots, strangely enough . . . .

As awesome as hooping is, there's a slight bittersweet edge to it. I want to give that topic its own post, however, so watch for it on the blog tomorrow. For now, I'm off to puppy school with Lio and the Best Husband Ever, on to visit the in-laws, then home again. What do you think I plan to do then? I bet you can guess!

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