Saturday, September 26, 2009

No-Sugar-Added Sweet Saturday

Happy Saturday! I hope it was a good one for you. It definitely was for me and the Best Husband Ever! If you've been following this blog for any length of time, you know that on Saturday mornings the hubby and I usually head out on the town to enjoy a yummy treat along with a game of Scrabble. Today was no different, and in the slightly crispy autumn-ish air -- not too cool, not to hot! -- we headed downtown to the farmer's market. We were running later than usual, though, and Black Cat Bake Shop didn't have any more of their amazing cream cheese-frosted pumpkin muffins left. Which was okay, actually, because I'm not really sure if I was in the mood for a sweet and carbalicious treat this morning.

The Best Husband Ever was able to get one of his usual sweet favorites, a sticky caramel bun, and we then made a beeline for one of our usual coffee haunts. He ordered some local decaf tea, while I enjoyed a skim latte. It was the first I've had in a long while, and it hit the spot! I also snacked on a Larabar (pecan pie!) that I discovered in the depths of the pantry earlier this morning. It wasn't an extra-sweet treat, but it was sweet in all the right ways regardless.

After a morning of hanging with the hubby and doing some grocery shopping at Costco (star purchase: dark chocolate covered pomegranate nubs), I enjoyed a different kind of sweetness with my brand new hoop baby. Videos coming soon . . .

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  1. You really do have a great husband! What a great morning ritual :)


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