Thursday, September 17, 2009

Warning: Hooping N00b Ahead

Today I hooped outside for the first time! It was nice having a little more space, but annoying to try to dance in my inflexible running sneakers. I'm also getting frustrated working with my toy hoop. As I'm started to try more moves that lead to more drops, my hoop is feeling more and more fragile. Plus the water inside it is bugging me, as is the weight and speed of the hoop. For the past few days I've felt like I've made good progress, and have definitely had fun. Today, however, was a little more like work. Part of it was wearing the sneakers. I need to find thrifty dance-friendly shoes! Also, I was tired, and this was my second attempt at recording (apparently for round one I was on the wrong camera setting...oops). So this is not me at my best, and since my best isn't all that great either, you can imagine the quality of my "dance" before you even click "play."

However, I want to regularly record my progress, for fun and as a tool. I also want to get more used to the idea of performing, even if it's only for my digital camera (and you!). Today I tried to work on incorporating hand hooping at the waist. I experimented with taking the hoop off my body, with limited success. I also attempted flowing with the dance more, keeping my eyes up off the ground, and doing something with my arms besides assuming the ubiquitous Tyrannosaurus Rex position. Again, with limited success. It was fun to try, though.

If you can't hear it, I filmed this to the sound of "Under the Sea" from "The Little Mermaid." Oh yeah. Thank you all for your supportive and encouraging comments on my last (and first . . .) hoop dancing post. It means a lot, and it's so glad to know that I'm not writing into a vacuum, that there are people in corners of the blogosphere who are hearing and, what's more, receiving my message. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am so grateful for you, wonderful readers and subscribers! If you watch any of this video, you deserve a sticker, and a big one at that.

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