Monday, May 18, 2009

Warning: Gratitude Ahead

This morning I intended to write about my tenuous goal of competing in my first triathlon at the end of August. I was going to discuss my ineptitude and discomfort in the water, but how I'm excited to give it a good try (or tri! heh heh . . .). I also wanted to talk about my issues with biking downhill, and a rather nerve-wracking bike ride I took this weekend with the Best Husband Ever and one of our dogs. I was going to send a plea for help and advice out into the blogosphere, and hope for the best.

But I'm not going to to write about those things. Not today, anyway. Today, as I was sipping my morning coffee and spending time with God (2 Corinthians 1:8-9 was the focus), I found myself overcome with gratitude. I am so blessed! I am a daughter of God, and He loves me. Me! It's so hard to believe, and yet it's true -- He wants the very, very best for all of us, myself included. Amazing!

And He really has given me so much that I constantly take for granted: the most wonderful husand in the world . . . health and strength in body, mind, and soul . . . freedom from food-related compulsions . . . a loving family, both by birth and marriage . . . a job that I truly enjoy, and co-workers and students that have taken root in my heart . . . luxurious food, clothing, and shelter, especially when compared to a vast percentage of the world population . . . and, above all, a relationship with the creator of the universe, the gentle Father of this wandering child, and the ultimate repairman of all my broken parts. Thank you, Lord!

What are you grateful for today? Take a quiet moment and give thanks. It's a beauitful Monday!

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