Friday, May 1, 2009

Big Steps

It's happening. In just two short hours -- less, really -- the Best Husband Ever and I will own our first home. I can hardly believe it. The process has just sped along ever since we started casually looking at houses a few months ago. And now here we are, property owners. It's like we're grown ups or something.

So how do we feel about this big life step? Well, you tell me:

The picture of enthusiasm, right?

Okay, okay, we were just being silly while waiting for our realtor for the final walk-through of the house yesterday. (Our realtor, by the way, is a wonderful and God-loving man who has been a huge asset and encouragement in this process. Thank you, Jim!) This is how we really feel:

(That would be excited, by the way, and a little nervous, if you can't tell from our expressions as we squint into the afternoon sun.)

Here we go!

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