Monday, May 11, 2009

The Great Peanut Butter Exhibition #6 -- BBQ

I have the great pleasure of hosting the sixth round of The Great Peanut Butter Exhibition. Along with the creator of the Exhibition, the Peanut Butter Boy, my co-hosts are Foodaphilia and What's for Dinner? Participants in the PBE create a peanut butter-y recipe in line with a chosen theme. This round we are asking all of you to get your summertime thinking caps on, fire up a grill, mash up a potato salad, and whip up a barbecue-themed peanut butter dish worthy of any picnic table. Winners will not only have the glow of accomplishment to take home and put on their mantle piece, but also will receive a Stonyfield Farm prize package.

So barbecue up a peanut butter storm! You have until June 8 at 12:00 PM (EST) to submit your most fabulous peanut butter (or other nut butter) recipe that would feel right at home on a red-and-white checkered picnic table. You can go sweet or savory; main course, side or dessert; liquid or solid -- go wild, barbecue style! The choices seem endless. A peanut butter casserole? Peanut butter burgers? Perhaps a nice peanut butter macaroni salad (okay, that sounds pretty foul to me, but then I dislike standard macaroni salad)? Over the next four weeks, get creative and get cooking.

Judging Criteria:

Peanut Butter Weight, Creativity, Portability and Preparation Time.


Post and submit your “Barbecue” recipe by the deadline - one entry per person so choose wisely. Pictures are highly recommended but not required. You may use any nut butter instead of peanut butter since nut butters are easily interchangeable. Please link to this page from the posted recipe to indicate that you are entering this contest. Feel free to use any of the logos, including the following, to link back:

Blogless? Don’t worry if you don’t have a blog, you can still submit your award-winning recipe. Fill out the same form but leave the “Recipe Permalink” field blank and feel free to attach a picture to go along with the recipe!


Click here to submit your recipe online. Alternatively, email “” with “PBE #6″ as the subject and the following information:



Recipe Title

Recipe or Recipe Permalink


All recipes will be listed but the judges will vote for the Top 3. All 3 winners receive a badge to place on their site. Courtesy of Stonyfield, the first place winner will receive a Stonyfield yogurt cookbook, a reusable Stonyfield shopping bag, 2 (16oz) containers and 4 (5.3oz) containers of Oikos Greek yogurt and various other coupons. Good luck!

* Logos courtesy of the talented Kristina Sacci.

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