Saturday, May 30, 2009

Recipe For a Sweet Saturday

Want a sweet start to your weekend? How about a Saturday treat day? Try this "recipe" for a super restful sabbath day.

Purchase a sweet treat from your favorite bakery/coffee shop/ice cream parlor/artisan burrito workshop/what-have-you. Ogle, then tote to your favorite caffeine provider and devour, savoring the taste and texture of each bite.

Add a fun board or card game (being sure to keep a collective instead of competitive score for an extra enjoyable flavor) . . .

. . . and your favorite special someone. Combine, then let linger for one to two hours over the coffee shop table until the experience has soothed your work week weary soul.

Sip some tea. Hug your honey (substitute dear friends, siblings, parents, and other loved ones as you desire). Breathe.

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