Friday, May 15, 2009

Sweet Weekend Plans

It looks like we're finally going to see some warm weather again this weekend. Temperatures are expected to pass 80*F on Sunday, which will be a fantastic change from the 50*F days of clouds and winds that we've been having. The Best Husband Ever and I fully intended to take advantage of this spurt of summer. Tomorrow we'll head over to the University to wave farewell to some friends before they march in their graduation ceremony.

After the undergraduate fun, we plan to head to the newly opened farmer's market. This is the third week that it's been open this year, and I'm absolutely desperate for one of these beauties:

It's a Black Cat Bake Shop brioche cinnamon roll! They're huge, decadent, and only available during the spring and summer at the farmer's market. And I want one. In fact I really wanted one last Saturday, but when we arrived at the market, this is the sight that greeted us:

It says, "BLACK CAT will be back next week May 16th." You can imagine my howl of despair. Thankfully, I recovered quickly and enjoyed a cinnamon nut croissant at Bernice's Bakery over a challenging game of Scrabble with the hubby:

The croissant was quite satisfying. But this week, I will have my brioche cinnamon roll, even if I have to wrestle a gang of pygmy pod people to get it. I'm sure that the treat will probably not taste as good as I imagine in my mouth-watering daydreams of brioche cinnamon rolls, especially after all this hype. Still, I hope to get my fingers sticky on one of these beasts of a treat soon.

Even if our plans of sugary indulgence go awry, though, this Saturday should be a good one nonetheless. We're going to a dessert party for one of Josh's graduating friends (who also happened to be a groomsman at our wedding). I also hope to frame some photos and decorate and clean our house. (Our house! I still can't believe that it's ours!) It would also be lovely to get some pups out and hiking in the sun. And on Sunday I hear there's a 10K race on a lovely wooded trail system. I'm toying with the idea of entering on the fly, but we shall see how motivated I feel. Certainly not as motivated as I am to nab a brioche cinnamon roll. Priorities are everything, don't you think?

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