Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Snow on mountains!!

Have you had your first snow yet?  Here in Montana there is lots of snow on the mountains, and we had our first non-mountaintop snowfall a week ago today.  I took these photos last Tuesday, and since then the mountains have become heavier with snow.


When I was out hiking with two of the pups last week, the snow started to fall around us.  See?  I swear, that's a piece of snow, not a tuft of lint. 

Scared of snow

You can probably guess my feelings on the matter.

Now, I should say that I do not hate snow.  Really.  It's just that we've barely had any autumn.  The leaves have not completely fallen from the trees, and we've still got plenty of fall color left to enjoy if the snow doesn't bury it all.  Last year the snow hit our area super early, and so fall had to pick back up in the spring -- meaning that the old leaves had to fall from the trees before we could get any new growth.  That plus the fact that we had piles of unbagged leaves moldering under the unexpected snow all winter are just two practical reasons why I want snow to hold off just a little longer.

But I don't need practical reasons.  Mostly I'm just not ready for the white stuff yet.  I know, I live in Montana.  I should expect this by now.  The first year I lived in Montana (five years ago -- wow!), the first snow came on Halloween.  So I'm not surprised at our early snowfall.  Still . . . can't we have a little more autumn, please?

Do you get regular snow in your area, or is snowfall a freak event?  More importantly, do you like snow?

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  1. We had our first snow in September this year. Yikes!I usually enjoy snow for a few weeks around Christmas time, but then it can go. Unfortunately, it usually lasts until Mid-May here :( I want to move soooo badly. Hoping for my husband to get a transfer, haha!

  2. It's still in the eighties here in Central Florida...I can't even fathom snow right now - although I can't say I wouldn't welcome it for a change of pace!


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