Monday, November 15, 2010

Monday Link Love, With a Side of Snow

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This morning I found myself reveling in a myriad of excellent posts and resources.  Naturally, I want to showcase these fabulous online writers.  They really encouraged me for my day/week/life. Thanks!

  • Are You the Bully? An Anusara yoga podcast class from Elsie :: I've been using Elsie's podcast yoga classes since 2006, and I think they are awesome.  This new class seems particularly powerful.  I'm excited to try it out!
  • The Hooping Body in Richmond, VA :: GroovinMeGzz is doing amazing work in the hooping community, trying to protect her fellow hoop dancers from the all-too-common overuse injury that took her out of the hoop.  Thankfully, she's back, and she's helping us to hoop it up safely.  She's going to be teaching in Virginia.  Come to Montana, Meg!!    
  • What's Up Sunday :: My Trigger Food Frustration post made Maggie's illustrious list on Say Yes To Salad this weekend.  Thanks, Maggie!
  • Freedom :: I just discovered this program that disconnects your computer from the internet for a specified period of time.  Good-bye, Twitter distraction!  Hello, writing productivity!  This is a neat idea, and I'll be testing the trial version today.   
  • Come Here, Story! :: Does the pressure to publish (or otherwise be establish as a professional artist) kill your creativity?  I can totally empathize with struggle between professionalism and passion that Stephanie of Routines for Writers discusses in her latest post.
  • How to Get Past the NaNoWriMo Danger Point and Finish Your Novel :: I think the title of this post from Write It Sideways is self-explanatory.  However, I especially appreciate the last section on how fears can affect your writing (or other form of art, creativity, or old fashioned hard work).
  • Mindful Monday: The Fern and the Bamboo :: This simple fable-esque post from Beyond Blue says a lot. My favorite line: "Never regret a day in your life." 
  • Eating Journey :: I tried to pick one post from Mish's Eating Journey to highlight, but I just can't.  Her candidness and honesty is powerful through each and every addition to the blog.  Read it all.  It truly feeds, encourages, and inspires my soul. 
Another thing that feeds my soul is the first good snow of the season.  Yesterday the Best Husband Ever and I took two of the pups hiking on a trail that's new to me.  Although the trail is just a short drive from our house and is still within the city limits, the whole area was covered in a thick blanket of new snow that has not yet arrived at our home.  If I had known it would be so beautiful I would have brought my camera, but as it was I had to make do with my camera phone, which apparently does not do so well in damp weather.




Snow like this always makes me think of Narnia.  It gets my heart pumping for something big, something exciting and adventurous and new.  What is it about snow that's so magical?

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